Find the Right Audience for Your Facebook Ads

Conduct audience research using our Audience Scout and find winning audiences that will increase your ROAS.

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Find closely related audiences by the affinity that you wouldn't have thought of.

Our tool allows you to see related audiences ranked by interest level, giving you a good overview of the interests a particular audience has.

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Hundreds of audiences

Choose from hundreds of audiences, from dozens of niches. Find the audiences that are relevant to your industry.

See top related audiences

Results are automatically ranked by descending affinity score so you get shown the cream on the top that has higher probability of performing well.

Affinity scores

Each results has it's own affinity score. This is our own proprietary score and shows how closely related audiences are.

Supplement your audience research with data and watch your ad results improve.

Finding good performing audiences for your Facebook Ads can be a lot of trial and error. It's even worse when you have found a very performant audience and it starts to wear out. That means you have to back to the drawing board in the hope of finding a new audience that can perform on a similarly high level. Start using our data to complement your gut instinct so you can easily find winning audiences and substitute high-performing audiences that start to wear out with closely related ones, keeping your ROAS high and stable.

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